Tree Pruning

Where would we (as a planet) be without trees? Lest we forget, trees provide an immeasurable amount of value to our planet primarily in the form of oxygen (You may have heard of it, you know, that stuff we breathe?).

Why not give the trees on your property a little love in return? ATP is very proactive in educating customers on the benefits of tree pruning in Frederick, Md. as well as tree pruning in Hagerstown Md.

Trees in general are the most resilient creatures in our ecosystem. Nature has equipped them with tremendous survival instincts which allow them to adapt to drastic changes in the elements.

In fact, did you know when a tree becomes diseased, typically the disease starts at the trunk (on the inside) of the roots and works its way upwards often not showing outward symptoms at the crown (top) for 5-10 years?

Pretty awesome; RIGHT?

Trees always find a way to adapt to their circumstances. The same as we do.
Shouldn’t we feel obligated to help boost them with occasional tree pruning in Frederick, Md. as well as tree pruning in Hagerstown, Md.?

How often should you prune?

The most important aspect is consistency. We recommend pruning every 18-24 months (give or take). Our pruning is really more maintenance driven. This helps keep it more affordable. Trimming and pruning breathes life back into the vitality of your trees. It makes it easier for them to absorb and distribute sunlight, which in turn, enhances their longevity.

Of course if you perform this every 3 years it will still be fine as well. As long as you’re on top of it, the trees will respond amazingly, which in turn has a ripple effect (more on that later). Tree pruning in Frederick, Md and Tree Pruning in Hagerstown Md is all about enhancing vitality without breaking the bank in the process.

Call now and speak to a Licensed Tree Expert on how to minimize cost and enhance the beauty of your property!