Tree Maintenance

Can a tree benefit from a little extra nurturing? Like any living thing, as a tree ages, it craves a little TLC. Nature will always be a tree’s best ally for healthy growth.

Given today’s pollution output and general overcrowding, trees need occasional care more than ever before.

Earth is what we all have in common

Affordable sustainability means A1T can help

A Maryland Licensed Tree Expert is a phone call away to talk to YOU about how to….

Develop an ongoing bi-annual plan to keep your trees vibrant for generations to come

Practice sensible pruning and maintenance

Understands specific pruning practices relative to your tree, age, and type in order to maintain the tree’s vitality and health

Cleaning dead, dying or sick low-vigor branches from the base of a tree

Learn about thinning and how to identify branches to remove and improve structure to root foundation which allows a tree to absorb more light and oxygen throughout

The right way to thin out a tree opens the foliage, decreases weight on heavy limbs, and helps retain natural weight and moisture

Learn about raising

How to remove lower branches to provide clearance for walkways, roadways, vehicles, pedestrians, and general safety especially during in-climate weather

Super cost efficient in the short and long term

Reduction reduces sizing of tree, more commonlyused in cases of utility line obstruction

Reducing a tree’s length or general spread is a best practice by pruning back leaders and hazardous limbs to secondary branches

When compared to topping, reduction helps maintain structural integrity and weight distribution at the base of tree

We don’t pretend to know everything,  however;  when it comes to tree maintenance A1 TreePros is a passionate team comprised with a ton of experience. What’s your tree maintenance question? How can we be of service and accommodate you?

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