Plant Health Care

Trees and Plants are just like us. They go through ups and downs. Both internally and externally. They stress themselves out other times a peer gets them sick. A1 Tree Pros is cut from a different wood.

This is WHY our mantra is….

“Health & Hugs for Trees & Shrubs.”

We believe a preservation first approach is key to landscape longevity

The pendulum swings of Maryland weather increasingly puts substantial stress on central Maryland’s trees and plants. Our services include:

Check Ups

DRFI (Deep Root Feeding Injections)

Fungicide Treatments

Irrigation Examinations

Soil Management

Seasonal Care

Education (Awareness)

Stress Management

Plant Healthcare is a great way to save money. It focuses on maintenance for trees and shrubs so you aren’t constantly in replacement mode. The A1 Tree Pros team receives calls daily from concerned homeowners about a sick tree or shrub.

Our 3 Step ITM Process is wood solid:


  1. Identify- We are highly trained professionals. Our team goes through continual education to learn at the pace of science and technology (it is a brave new world!)
  2. Treat-Some companies only treat the symptom (which is like putting the apple before the cart). We take it a step further and treat the cause
  3. Maintain-The key to any successful endeavor is consistency. Your Trees & Shrubs are ours kids too. A1 Tree Pros wants to know how things are progressing. And yes there could be a couple adjustments a long way. But we will not stop until your tree or shrub is back to its former illustrious self!

Have a concern about a tree or shrub on your property? The A1 Tree Pros team is happy to stop by for a FREE Check Up!