Climate Change and its Scary Effects on the Environment

Climate Change and its Scary Effects on the Environment

18 Aug

Ever wondered what is happening in the world that we live in, today in the 21st century, should it been better than the past in fact it should have been easier for us humans of this millennium to live in peace and in a greener healthier environment when so much research has been done and we now have so much more information than our for fathers, science has helped us in getting to know better about ourselves and the earth our planet and the world that we live in but in my opinion things have taken a nose dive rather than an upward curve for the better.

Our four fathers if they would have known about the level of technology that we have with us today would have gone bonkers and thought the world would be a more beautiful place but in fact us humans have tried to rob it and the future generations through greed and self-interest not looking at the macro or the bigger picture.

Many landscapers try to now plant more trees and landscape according to the guidelines given by the responsible authorities such as A1 Tree Pros and associations try to spread more and more awareness campaigns through media talk and other mediums of marketing still there is a slight improvement in more sustainable resources being used rather than depletion and deforestation of mother nature’s beauty.

By cutting more and more trees corporations in fact do not realize they are making their own lives worse how well we will tell you how? Trees play a significant part in cooling the air temperature, creating a more ecofriendly system where other species that live in this world can live easily with us in harmony and are provided with shelter.

Trees are the cornerstone for the environment they make the world go round most literally which means they work their magic on the eco system and create a friendly environment where gasses and pollution levels are decreased and so a better world is created. However, due to multi billionaire dollar corporations who work on huge sums of amounts and look at these resources as their own having one motive in mind which is to gain as much profit as possible and then use up these resources for their own worth. There should be a major overhaul and change in this mindset.

Furthermore, after our research and constant discussion with people who really work on these crucial matters such as environmentalist and non-government green working bodies with diligence and struggle and they tell us that these matters until worked upon day and night can’t be done at a small scale but have to be done through regulatory bodies and governments have to fulfill their roles and make other work upon, only this can be the way forward and their hopes of tree planting services and drives may as well die without the necessary influx of money and support that these regulatory bodies have to give and bestow through policies and procedures.

Proper plans of plantation drives should be started and then awareness campaigns should be conducted. Imagine if things are this bad in first world countries and countries who are now becoming the new super powers such as china then can you imagine what would it be like in undeveloped, underdeveloped third world countries where resources are in abundance but people have more problematic situation to work on such as improving living standards and providing the basics of living rather than thinking about pollution. So talking on tree plantation and pollution free cities is a little mainstream but should be talked on because this is what will surely tell us about our future and how future generations will live. This is why talking on it and discussing, executing and implementing these strategies is a must and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What is happening these days is that, climate change has changed the world, how has it changed it? Well have you seen the news, the news is that Dubai just got it very first rain session in peak summer where rain was as non-relevant as ice cream being eating in winter. So we can see that things are changing and this is changing because of pollution and how deforestation is causing it to happen.

Not only Dubai, Europe has been hit by the most devastating heat wave in history where temperatures have risen to 46 degrees this is staggering and unbelievable such temperatures have not even been heard of in part near to the equator such as India and Pakistan but places like London, Paris, Berlin where we heard people went for their holidays to cool off in the light summer breeze well forget breeze if you plan on going to Europe don’t forget your sunscreen and lotion and a lot of tank tops shorts and water because it’s better to stay inside than to go to the Eiffel tower and become a kebab getting fried.

So it’s better to work on matters which not only are relevant to the human race but for the whole world, these changes happen due to pollution due to corporations and industries polluting the environment and our eco system. Whales and sharks being landed on the shore, turtles and sea creatures are trapped in nets and cans and bottles. Today’s news states that the coast of Mexico is so polluted that fish have died and the poor people were seen eating that fish which was contaminated in toxic matter and then people eat it and then are diagnosed with cancer. Then they complain that how they could get cancer, well if people eat artificially produced food, containing fertilizers and affected then this is why their lives have gone down the drain.

But there is a change now, people are trying other measures and have started to work on how they themselves can make changes. This trickle down affect starts from the way up to down or could start from the bottom then upwards. People such as in USA have started to work on trees such as palm trees in Maryland, which have caused temperature change so you can imagine with small steps you can change the world. The important thing is that work should be done in the proper way and work should be done for the betterment of the society. This is why more and more organizations are now having their way and people talk on international stages.

We have seen that many people now talk about how the government can play its role and work on this matter, Obama even started its green initiative and then people like Leonardo Di Caprio came in and worked with the workers at National geographic, on climate change and how things are changing the oceans such as the pacific, Atlantic and many others. The team at Nat Geo told us how ice bergs are melting how the snow leopards and polar bears are dying today due to temperatures which have never been heard of in this era and so we see that more and more media personalities are taking upon themselves to work on this motive and get rid of this menace.

Furthermore, the climate change conference that was held in France was quite significant as it upheld all the stuff that we have talked upon above and how they as governments can enforce better solutions for a better tomorrow. The first thing was to use renewable resources and not use up the worlds resources so much, natural gas and other petroleum products should be used up as less as possible and that’s why companies such as Tesla will flourish well. They have started to create products such as electricity driven cars and houses with remote models of how to use solar panels as energy. Wind and solar is the future and who can work on this and find a way to use these resources which have no end can really do wonders for our world.

What else has climate change affected negatively, well it has resulted in bad weather, bad conditions for animals to live in, affected and contaminated water, air and noise pollution and an overall bad impact on whatever it can affect. Now on the other hand, people now work on how they can landscapers and then apply that on to their land how they can cultivate land and plant more and more trees and flowers and plants, how they can do tree maintenance services. So you can see that if people are doing work on such a small scale why can this gap be filled with entrepreneurs.

However, not all is bad it is like people now have gained knowledge and now know what the issues are and how they can fix them. By using small steps like not using plastic bottles and plastic products and using less paper, using less hazardous material would be better for everyone. The major issue is plastic which can’t be biodegradable, so other products are now being used in its way such as paper bags, which can be recycled and reused again and again and products which can be recycled is the way to go by now in today’s world.

Marks and spencer started to get rid of their plastic bags and introduced a clear alternative approach by using bags created from a lighter paper like material which can be easily recycled. And even if we talk about plastic we see that in countries like Sweden they have started this new way of changing people mindsets especially the corporation’s mindset. There are strict laws now all over the world of how dumping of hazardous materials in the major seas and oceans is prohibited and how now they have to create their own artificial ponds to dispose of this menace.

Sweden has started wending machines where the consumer of that plastic beverage be it a juice or a coke or just plain water can put that plastic in that machine and get money in return so you may a little more for that water bottle but in return you get the money back and corporations have to pay a little more tax which makes ends meet for everyone this way then the government and middle men organizations reuse that plastic and make other products out of it. This cam work but it would be better if other measure are also taken such as not using plastic at all. Tree plantation drives should be started and less trees should be cut, older ones or where there are more trees areas I think should be created where trees can be cut from and other places should restricted especially those which are sacred and have more value so tree care is a must such as the tree care Frederick md have done a huge tree plantation drive and so has changed the outlook of the area.

Landscaping is an art, people now look at landscaper to come and change the place up, architects and landscaper can change a place by creating a better vibe and outlook and one thing is the key element which can bring mass level changes that is plantations, it was seen that in area where there are less trees such as deserts, there is less rain which means less cultivation which means less animals and less livestock and so less population because these are the essentials which are in fact  needed for the survival of mankind, thus for societies to flourish and grow. More and more people are now aware than yesterday more people try to save energy save water use less resources and maintain their lifestyle by trying not to affect the environment in a negative way.

In conclusion, it is we us each one of us has to play its role in bringing a change as change can only come if each individual wants to change and commit in making this world a more healthier and greener place to live in.