6 Useful Tips to Care for Your Trees in Summer

6 Useful Tips to Care for Your Trees in Summer

02 Aug

Happy Friday from your favorite Hagerstown, Md.tree service company. Trees are amazing creatures.  They provide shade and distribute oxygen throughout the Earth never asking for anything in return. Giving them tender, love, and care significantly increases their ability to function at a high level.

Here’s a few simple helpful tips to help give the trees the care they deserve


Pruning means cutting back branches and limbs on a mature tree. Its the most effective and efficient process to remove dead or diseased branches that could pose a hazard to the health and longevity of the tree.


Irrigation is critical in the summer, especially when the temperatures get very hot. Its a good idea to keep a routine schedule for watering trees so the tree will recognize it like its normal rainfall.

How much water? The rule is one gallon of water to each tree equals out to the equivalent of one inch of rain. Also remember to avoid watering your trees in the hot part of the afternoon, as this will cause the water to  evaporate before the tree has a chance to absorb the water. Lastly, water deep as the roots of the tree are deep within the ground.


Another critical aspect of keeping your trees healthy is feeding them. Fertilizing allows your trees sustenance and nutrition they need to support optimum foliage and new leaf growth. It also helps in preventing insect infestations and diseases especially if you live in urban areas (trees in urban areas need more fertilizing than trees in rural areas due to having less nutrients to feed off of because they’re surrounded by constant pavement and development. Make sense? 


Mulching goes a long way in assisting your trees with their overall health especially in the Summer. Mulch plays a vital role in tree health and growth as it provides countless benefits. For one, it allows your trees to retain moisture within the soil. It also slows weed growth creating an environment where your trees are competing less for water. Mulching also helps in keeping the soil’s temperature around the trees stabilized. Learn how  properly mulch your trees using three inches of mulch in the shape of a donut around the base of the tree. Avoid placing the mulch on the trunk as it can promote wood decay and unwelcome pests.

Protect From Fire

Summer season is known for bringing dry, hot temperatures, which increase the likelihood for wildfires (especially on the West Coast). Keep your property hydrated. A fire ember can travel nearly fifteen miles before making landfall. Keeping your trees and landscaping well-watered, while removing any dead vegetation such as leaves from gutters and the ground will help decrease any chance to start a fire. 

Prevent Storm Damage

Trees that have diseased or dead branches need to be removed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of falling during a thunderstorm. High winds can occur, and trees to be well supported to handle those winds. Bracing or using cables to promote the structural integrity of a tree might be necessary, especially if it is an older and/or larger tree.

This is a little food for thought from an experienced Hagerstown, Md. tree service company to help keep your trees happy and healthy. The more love you give them, the more they’ll return the favor. TGIF!!!