Benefits of Tree Pruning

Benefits of Tree Pruning

11 Jun


Happy Monday (or is it?)!! Todays topic of discussion revolves around tree trimming in Hagerstown Md and surrounding areas. One of the many plusses to living in Maryland is the wide variety of trees. There are so many beautiful species (Arbor-bytes, Japanese Maples, Sycamores, Leland Cypresses) to name a few favorites of ours.

With all the events of the seasons, its easy to lose track of simple things. Stopping to smell the roses has become a lost art. Too much noise, too much craziness, too much to cram in to the seemingly shrinking hours of the day.


In the midst of the hustle and bustle little things can fall through the cracks, like taking care of the trees around your property.

Today we will spend a little time discussing the art of tree pruning.

What is tree pruning? 

In laments terms, the pruning of a tree is a fancy way of giving a tree a haircut. When does a guy or a gal decide its time for a visit to the barbershop or salon? Depends on the person right? Its the same with trees. They thrive better when they’ve had a nice fresh shapeup. It’s the equivalent of when we take vitamins or fruits or vegetables. The only difference is trees are so amazingly self sufficient they only need a little extra dose of nutrients every year or so.

Are you Qualified to do it Yourself? 

In short, NO. Besides the exceptional guy who cuts or styles his hair himself most men and hardly any women would be bold enough to do it themselves; RIGHT?  And why is that?  It could end disastrously. Pruning a tree is not just about giving it a haircut. There are many reasons why you should prune a tree besides the aesthetically pleasing aspect of it.

Benefits of Tree Pruning (click for a short video) 

  • helps balance and distribute weight throughout, which in-turn, gives a tree stronger structure at the base (compensates for possible root deterioration)
  • thinning out branches allows optimal light (sunlight) penetration throughout which also gives luster to grass in area
  • shaping provides sound overall structure (especially in younger trees)
  • pruned trees are less likely to cause hazardous issues with power lines  during inclement weather
  • removing dead and diseased branches help prevent any disease from spreading further
  • reduces wind and shade on property

We take tree trimming in Hagerstown Md seriously. Please don’t mistake our passion for corny hot doggish antics. It’s just something we feel is a sense of duty. Some people love food, wine, others sports, we love trees. It’s in our DNA.

Everyone knows trees are important, but did you ever truly stop to think why? Our goal is to educate the masses on the important role trees play in our environment/eco-system. They’re truly one of our Earth’s most precious assets and deserve as much recognition as we can muster. Have a great Monday.