Stone vs. Mulch

Stone vs. Mulch

24 Jun


Which is the Right Choice for Your Garden?

If you are looking to make your garden beautiful this summer, you have many choices to do so. Both stone and mulch are popular favorites for yards in the Frederick and Hagerstown area. Both have their benefits, but one is a stand out winner.

Let’s take a look at main differences between using stone and mulch in your landscape design and why mulch is the more popular choice.

Retains Moisture

As a Frederick Tree service we always recommend mulch over stone. One of the many excellent points of mulch over stone for your garden is that mulch keeps and retains moisture.

When planting different kinds of flowers, shrubs, plants, bushes, and other foliage in your garden, you will not have to worry about the greenery not getting enough water as mulch, if used, retains water. Call it an added layer of maintenance if you will.

Stone simply cannot compete with mulch. Mulch allows flowers to experience fuller blooms and will open faster than flowers planted around bed rock. Remember flowers are competing with roots of trees and other landscaping plants for the water they so desperately need.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Both mulch and a stone gardens are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They both make for great “curb appeal” especially if you’re ever looking to sell your home. Stone does not decompose annually as mulch does; however, mulch allows you to change up the color each year to flair and excitement to your yard. Mulch comes in various colors such as brown, black, and red. In addition, it gives your plants a needed boost to grow by adding nutrients and moisture which stones aren’t capable of providing.

Relatively Inexpensive

Another significant aspect of using mulch over rock is that mulch is less expensive than stone in your garden. Stone tends to cost fifty to seventy-five percent higher than the cost of mulch. Mulch is also cheaper because it is lighter in weight. Rocks are bulky and therefore take longer to move increasing the amount of labor cost.

In addition to the higher price of stone, you will pay more for the installation as there is much to do when installing a rock garden or landscaping with stone.

Valuable Nutrients

The last vital point when determining whether stone or mulch is better for your garden is to think about the nutrients that plants and flowers need. If you have land that has been used repeatedly for gardening or planting of new flora, the soil can get a little beaten down. It can lose the nutrients that plants and flowers need to thrive. One of the advantages of using mulch over stone is that you get valuable nutrients to your foliage yearly due to the mulch decomposing. This decomposition provides your flowers and other landscaping with rich nutrients to help them grow strong and survive the long hot days. 

Stones Retain Heat

If the sun is beating down on stone all day it makes it extremely hot. This kind of heat lasts takes longer to cool even when the sun goes down. Isn’t it logical to assume stone would add extra strain to your flowers and shrubs? Plants and flowers cool and refresh at night. It provides time for fresh breathing and less intensity. Call it a much needed breather of sorts.

Why Is Mulch The Best Option For My Property?

Both stones and mulch are viable options for any garden, but mulch tends to have better advantages over stone. Mulch allows an attractive yard that can have new mulch placed with different colors yearly. It also retains moisture that your flowers and plants need. In addition, it decomposes yearly to add nutrients to the ground for your flowers and shrubs to thrive upon. This is the main reason  Lastly, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the labor and installation cost of stone. Make sure your garden is beautiful this summer with beneficial mulch, and you will have the best-looking garden in your entire neighborhood! 

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