Shrub Shaping Essentials

Shrub Shaping Essentials

03 Aug

Does your property have multiple trees, plants, and shrubs within it? If so, you may be looking to call a tree company in Hagerstown, Md. to trim them soon. When decorating your shrubs, how precisely do you shape them to keep them looking great without continually cutting their branches and causing distress to the bush?

There are many different types of shrubs, and they all differ slightly on their growth patterns, how long in between trims, and what kind of environment they thrive in.

Continue reading to learn more about the best ways to keep your shrubs in tip-top shape all year-round. 

Cut Back Long Branches

Each bush is a little different from one another. Shaping which works for one may look terrible on another. One of the first things to do when shaping your shrub is to cut back excessively long limbs. Make sure your cut is near the primary foliage and avoid cutting each stem to an identical length. Next, you need to remove the most tangled branches by clipping near the main branch. Once that is completed, inspect the shrub to make sure the remaining branches are not rubbing on your neighbor’s house or any trees that are nearby.

Sunlight Makes A Difference

Evergreen is a type of shrub and hedge that can be tricky to cut back due to its foliage. Much of the trimming with this type of bush revolves around the amount of sunlight the hedge receives. If the foliage on the sides of the shrub does not get any sunlight, they will stop growing and die. If you have a bush that does not get enough sunlight and is in this situation, there is a simple fix. Make sure to taper the sides of the shrub, so the branches near the bottom are broader than those on the top. This allows the sun to reach all of them; therefore, the sun does not act as an unwanted shaping agent.

Select Shrubs That Can Tolerate Repeated Trimmings

Bushes are the type of plant that needs to be often trimmed. They are programmed to reach a certain height, and they will continue to grow until they reach this height. You may not want that large of a shrub though so you need to keep trimming the bush. One way to avoid distress to the shrub from all the frequent trimmings is to select a shrub, such as boxwood, that can tolerate repeated shearing. Lastly, do not attempt to shape your shrubs crazily as they can end up looking unattractive. If you want a pruning that is stylish, such as a specific topiary, make sure to call in the professionals!

How Do I Keep The Shrubs On My Property Trimmed Nicely?

As you can see, there are a few ways to keep the shrubs in your yard looking great. Our tree Services in Hagerstown, Md. always says it depends a lot on the type of shrubs you selected to adorn your yard. Different plants and shrubs require different ways of trimming as well as how often they need to be trimmed. Whether you decide to cut back long branches, select shrubs that can tolerate repeated shearing, or have a lack of sunlight to your bushes; you need to respect the shrubs you chose to live in their natural habitat in order to keep them alive and healthy year-round.