A Guide to Removing Grass Around Trees

A Guide to Removing Grass Around Trees

18 Jul

A Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Grass Before Mulching Around Trees

Since we are well into the summer season, all of us likely have lush grass and a lot of foliage from your trees. As a local tree trimming services company we are here to tell you the combination of warmth and sunshine as well as extra moisture this year in Maryland, most homeowners are trying to keep up with mowing, trimming, and landscaping.

What homeowners do not want to see is a lot of thick grass around the base of their trees. It look might look beautiful, but grass and trees roots don’t always play nice with another. They’re competing for nutrition.

Here is a step-by-step guide to removing grass before mulching around your trees.

Use A Shovel

The quickest way to remove the grass around your tree bases is to use a shovel and dig it up. This method is used when you do not have the luxury of time in waiting for other options to work. The primary item to watch for when digging up patches of grass is to avoid scraping the tree roots. You do not want to damage the roots, as they are the lifeline to the tree. Make sure to dig approximately three to four inches deep to know you have gotten all the grassroots. If you notice resistance, do not force it, as there may be a small tree root in the way.

Lay Your Mulch Down

Once the grass is removed, apply your mulch all the way around the tree. You will want to use two to three inches of mulch all the way around the tree to get the best effect. Verify that you have kept the mulch approximately five inches from the trunk of the tree. This is essential to avoid attracting pests such as insects or termites. Make sure you water the mulch so there is a moisture build-up and you are ready to go. No more unwanted grass and your yard will now have beautiful mulch rings around each base.

Utilize Newspaper

This may seem like an odd method to use to remove grass, but it does work if done correctly. First things first, make sure to cut your grass to an even height. Then grab a stack of newspapers. Use black and white sheets and refrain from using the sheets with colored pages if at all possible. Place approximately ten pages over each section of grass you want to remove. Make sure to overlap the papers as you work around the desired trees.

Soak the Paper

Once you have the papers in place, soak them in water and then place your mulch over the top of the wet newspapers. Water again, thoroughly wetting the mulch. This not only helps to kill off the grass but to keep the paper in place as well if a high wind gust comes out of nowhere. Your grass will continue to weaken over the next few weeks and should be dead in about a month.

Be Patient and Wait for the Results

Leave everything in place, as the newspapers will decompose into the soil, so there is nothing you need to remove. Your mulch should be evenly placed and beautiful to look at without the worry of grass interfering with the trees or newly placed mulch. If time of the essence or your schedule is too hectic, you might be better off contacting a local tree trimming services company to assist you. 

Why It Is Critical To Remove Grass From A Tree Base

As you can see, there are a couple of ways to remove the unwanted grass that is growing next to your tree base. The grass competes with the tree for the water and nutrients. Since the grass has a smaller root system, it ends up taking all the needed moisture and food as the sustenance never makes it to the roots of the tree deep in the ground. This can cause your tree to become distressed and start to die.  Therefore, whether you use a shovel manually to remove the grass from your tree trunk base, or you utilize the newspaper method, your yard will be much more pleasing to the eye with a mulch ring around your tree. Both your trees and grass will thrive with the new conditions, and you will have the best-looking yard on your block!