Mulching Basics

Mulching Basics

08 Jul

Happy Friday from your favorite tree trimming Hagerstown Md. company! There is a lot of work that goes into landscaping including edging, pruning, watering, and, most importantly-mulching.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at mulching and what you need to know in order to get the most out of it. Shall we?

When Should I Place Mulch?

Landscaping and gardening usually takes place in the spring and fall. Though most people place choose to mulch in the spring because its the start of blooming new flora and fauna. 

Spring is when we get the most showers and rain. It makes for a good time to mulch before all the flowers sprout. The added moisture gives the plants and flowers all the water they need to thrive.

Where Should I Place The Mulch?

Where to mulch depends a lot on you as the homeowner and the look you are aiming for. Thinking ahead goes a long way. First thing you’ll want to do is create a mulch ring around trees, shrubs, and flowers to protect them from trimming and lawn cutting equipment.

This helps flora spread out and thrive while soaking up the sun. Anywhere you place mulch, make sure to define it with a crisp edge, as a prominent, natural edge is lovely. Lastly, you want to put your mulch inside of flower gardens as well as vegetable gardens for weed control and to prevent any erosion that occurs.

Why Is It Essential To Mulch?

If you want robust healthy plants, they need natural nutrients and water. Mulch retains moisture, which ensures your flowers don’t go thirsty. Mulch also decomposes over time, which provides the plants and flowers with stable pH levels to grow.

Lastly, you will have less erosion when you use mulch as it holds the soil in place during heavy wind or rainstorms.

Did You Know Mulch is a Weed Controller?

Yep. Mulch stunts the growth of weeds in your flower beds. It also keeps those annoying weeds in the dark and blocks them from sunlight. Mother Nature is genius. She uses leaves, branches, rotting fruit, and additional organic stuff which drops from trees, shrubs, and plants around us as a natural form of mulching. They eventually decompose, which in turn enrich the soil. Amazing isn’t is?  Mulching your property does the same thing, only in a much more deliberate way.

It also looks awesome. Few things bring a yard more to life than fresh mulching and edging. The important thing to remember is to do it right and once a year. If you’re too busy, than contact a tree trimming Hagerstown Md. company do it for you. The benefits are worth it.