4 Simple Tips 4 Newly Planted Trees

4 Simple Tips 4 Newly Planted Trees

31 Aug

Any Potomac, Md. tree removal company worth their salt will tell you-“it’s all about maintenance!” If you have recently updated your home’s landscaping, you may have had new plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees planted in your garden and on your property. With a beautiful new landscape to look at, you want to make sure you keep it looking fresh and are correctly taking care of your new shrubs and trees.

There are many things to consider when caring for flora (love using that word in a sentence) on your property. You need to think about sunlight and shade, how much water is needed, if you need to mulch and fertilize, and a whole host of other considerations.


Watering is a very important factor for a new tree. They are already under stress as they were just transplanted into a new environment. They are struggling to adjust and grow their roots deep into the soil. You want to make sure you are frequently watering so that the proper moisture and nutrients can get to your new little tree’s roots. Newly planted young trees should be watered deeply and slowly every day for the first two weeks after planting. Then water weekly, taking into account how much rainfall has occurred. Also, make sure in periods of hot temperatures to water more often.


Should I mulch around my new planted tree? Yes, definitely! Mulch is an excellent asset for trees. They assist in retaining moisture and regulating the temperature of the soil. In addition, mulching helps to control weeds and therefore, insects too. The main thing to know about mulching is to not over mulch. Piling up the mulch can cause too much moisture and cause rotting as well as attracting fungus, insects, and other pests. Use organic mulch and apply approximately three inches to where the tree’s leaves grow out. Do not pile mulch onto the base or trunk of the tree as this can suffocate the tree without proper air circulation.


Adding adequate nutrients to the tree’s diet is another crucial way for you to care for your new tree. For young and newly planted trees, you want to use a fertilizer that is gentle and milder than others. Utilize a slow release, low burn fertilizer for young trees. This way you do not need to keep a timetable of when to fertilize as this fertilizer can be applied at any time.


Pruning is a vital part of trees and how you care for them. New trees do not need to be pruned though for at least a year. By trimming a young tree that was just planted, you may be stunting its growth for the next season. If you notice imperfections and defects to the limbs while planting, trim away those minor defects, but it is extremely important to withhold pruning for approximately a year to give the tree time to adjust to its new environment. As a Potomac, Md. tree removal company these little tidbits are a great way to give your trees a the tender, love, and care they deserve.

How Can I Care For My New Tree?

There are many ways to care for a new tree that you have planted in your yard. The tree will be adjusting to many stresses, especially being transplanted from one area to another. Make sure you are watering your new tree daily for the first two weeks. Mulch properly to retain moisture. Fertilize with a low burn fertilizer, and finally wait to prune your new trees until a year later. You newly planted tree will remain healthy and happy and can have optimal growth for many years to come!