4 Reasons For Tree Removal Services From Your Garden

4 Reasons For Tree Removal Services From Your Garden

18 Jul

4 Reasons You Should Remove Dead Trees From Your Garden

Dead trees without leaves on their branches are a sight for sore eyes, especially in your backyard or garden. You do not want to have to view a tree that is no longer living, as it starts to lose its bark, lean, and attract insects.

The best thing to do when you notice you have a dead tree on your property is to remove it quickly by contacting an experienced tree removal services expert. Nature weeds out the weakest species. The same applies to trees. A dead or dying tree is much more likely to attract termites and other insects which can eventually bleed over to other vegetation. This can make a moderate problem a severe one.

Here are 4 primary reasons to remove dead trees from your garden.

Falling Risk

The most critical reason to remove a dead tree in your yard or garden is due to the falling risk it poses. Dead trees are, well, dead. Their roots are no longer feeding them so they become frail and can tip over quickly as the roots are not robust and strong enough to hold them in place any longer. When a strong wind, a thunderstorm, or crawling animals such as raccoons or squirrels make movement in the tree, it can come toppling over. It could damage your house, shed, toys, patio furniture, or even a loved one. Make sure you remove a dead tree immediately.


Pests can be insects, animals, or microorganisms such as fungus. A fallen tree attracts pests such as ants, termites, and other wood loving bugs. You would think once they devour the dead tree that would be the end of them, right? This is not the case. Once they have inhabited your dead tree, they reproduce and move out into your yard and start to take over live trees, eventually killing them. Animals will do the same thing. Small critters will live in your dead tree and make a family where they then move into a live tree on your property or an outbuilding you may have. They become a nuisance and a real pain for you to get rid of.

Cheaper In The End

Once a tree dies, what do you do with it? Many people do not want to remove a dead tree due to the money factor involved. They believe it will cost them too much to have it taken down so they leave it in place, which can be very dangerous. If high winds knock the tree down or a disease infects your grove, it will cost you much more, in the end, to deal with the problems caused by not removing the lone tree. You can compare prices of professional tree removers and have the tree safely taken down by experts for a reasonable cost.

Avoid The Spread Of Disease

If your tree died due to an illness, you need to remove it pronto. Tree diseases can be just like human diseases. They can be contagious from one tree to another. Depending on the type of illness that infected and killed your tree, you may need to have it removed immediately to avoid the infection from spreading to your remaining trees. Fungal infections such as mold and as well as other tree illnesses can be shared and can be very harmful to not only trees but also all of your landscaping. Make sure to remove your diseased tree as soon as you spot it to prevent your other trees from becoming ill.

What Is The Harm In Leaving A Dead Tree Standing?

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why you should not leave a dead tree in your garden. Apart from the fact it could fall on someone or something at any time, you are opening yourself and your landscaping up for disease and pests. Termites love old wood, and a dead tree is the perfect breeding ground for them. Lastly, it is much more inexpensive in the end if you have a tree removal services company take your dead tree down now, rather than leaving it to be taken down “someday.” If you follow our suggestions on the top four reasons you should remove the dead trees from your garden, you will have the loveliest landscaping in your neighborhood!