Why Tree Planting in the Fall is Awesome

Why Tree Planting in the Fall is Awesome

01 Oct

As a Potomac Md. tree trimming company, all we can say is “Ah, the colors of autumn and the milder temperatures of fall are right around the corner!” With the fall season comes the planting of new shrubs and trees. It is a great time to plant as the soil is still warm, moisture is abundant, and the hot sun is no longer causing your trees to scald from the heat.

Fall is an excellent time to plant for a number of reasons. You need to have appropriate soil temperature, decent sunlight, and plenty of nutrition for the new sapling to thrive. Temperature extremes of heat, paired with little to no rainfall in the summer months can be damaging for a newly planted tree.

Keep reading to learn why you should plant your new trees and other foliage in the milder fall season for optimum results. 


The moderate temperature of the day in Frederick Md, as well as the cool nights, are the perfect ingredients for planting a new sapling in the fall. Temperature extremes are the worst for little trees as they can become stressed quickly and easily. Not only have they been transplanted, but also have excess heat or cold to get used to. In addition to new soil and a new location, this stress can be too much for saplings. Make sure to plant in the early fall, when the temperatures are mild, as this gives your new friend a better chance at survival.

Warm Soil

Another factor that we may not think about when planting a new tree is the temperature of the earth. In the spring, the ground is still cold from the freeze. It can shock a new tree when transplanted. In the fall, the land is still warm, but not hot like it was in the summer. This is ideal for newly transplanted trees as they can expand their roots into a warm Earth and be solid before the freeze hits. Leaves also like the colder weather as the summer sun is not draining the energy from the tree. With the lack of energy used in the leaves, the root system can handle that added energy and accelerate its growth before the tree goes dormant in the winter.

Time To Acclimate

By planting your new foliage in the early fall, your trees will have plenty of time to adjust to the new location before the ground freezes, and the snow arrives into the area. A sudden change in temperatures to a colder environment can stress a new tree out. You do not want your baby sapling stressed going into the winter season, as it is more susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

Why Should I Plant In The Fall Rather Than In The Spring?

There are plenty of opportunities to plant in either season, but the primary reason to plant in the fall is to take advantage of the milder temperatures that come with the fall season. In the spring, the scorching sun can come out sooner than expected and bring the wrath of heat that certain trees do not like. Summer is a dangerous season for newly planted trees as they have a higher temperature to contend with, much less water, and severe storm risk in the summer.

If you do decide to plant in the spring, it needs to be early spring before the temperature takes a turn upward. In the fall, you will have milder temperatures and a more significant opportunity for the new sapling to grow strong roots that take hold before the ground freezes and the snow comes. Whichever season you decide, know that your new seedling will thrive in the perfect conditions and grow to be a stoic treasure in your backyard.