Tree Health and Mulch

Tree Health and Mulch

06 Oct

Happy Saturday from your favorite Frederick, Md. tree service. If you have trees in your yard that you planted yourself or that came with the property you purchased, you know how lovely they look and the benefits they provide.

Some trees do have multiple issues and are not healthy, though. They may be suffering from fungus or insects, lack of nutrients, compacted soil, or under watering. These can all cause distress in a tree, newly planted or otherwise. There are specific measures you can take to get your tree in good health, and one of those is applying mulch.

Reduces The Stress On Trees

A mulch ring is a simple thing, really. It does not involve much work, but it drastically improves the health of a stressed out tree. Many factors can cause stress upon a tree. A lack of nutrients, too much or not enough water, compacted soil or other issues with the topsoil, improper planting, severe weather, temperatures extremes to the root system, and multiple other problems. The key is to fix the issues that are causing the stress, but if you cannot, lay a mulch ring.

A mulch ring is inexpensive and can dramatically improve the health of your tree. It consists of laying a large circle around the base of the trees in need. Make sure though to leave space of about three to six inches out from the trunk of the tree. Laying mulch directly to the trunk can suffocate the roots of the tree as well as cause wood rot on the tree trunk.

Regulates The Soil Temperature

Mulch has many benefits, and one of the most crucial is that it controls the temperature of the soil. This is very important for young or newly planted trees, as they need a mild temperature to grow and lay down firm roots. A tree that is planted too close to summer is stressed, as the soil is too hot. A tree that is planted too close to winter has roots that do not grow well due to land that is too cold. The extremes of temperatures are very difficult on trees and mulch can counteract this issue. By laying mulch, it acts as an insulator to keep the soil regulated rather than taking on the feel of the hot sun or the cold snow.

Better Nutrients Due To Less Competition

The last and essential benefit mulch can provide to your trees is the decrease in competition from your tree roots and nearby weeds. Without a mulch ring, weeds can grow like wildfire. They do not have deep roots so they have the edge over tree roots as they suck up all the moisture and nutrients before the roots can get any of the water. They are in direct competition with one another for everything that keeps your trees healthy such as water, nutrients, sunlight, and oxygen. This competition stresses your tree out. The best way to prevent this feud is to place a two-inch organic mulch ring around your tree out to the drip line (edge of the canopy). This barrier kills the weeds and takes them out of the equation, giving your tree a much better chance to thrive!

What Is The Best Way To Lay A Mulch Ring In My Yard?

Mulch rings are a tree’s best friend! To lay one, you need to place organic mulch, never chemically treated, three to six inches out from the base of your tree. Use approximately two inches and place it out to the canopy of the tree. By doing this correctly, you will be assisting your trees by decreasing competition from weeds, insulating and temperature regulating the soil, retaining moisture for your trees, and feeding the earth, and therefore your trees, as the mulch decomposes. All these factors will improve the condition of your trees and keep them healthy and happy for decades to come!