Tips For Mulching in Fall

Tips For Mulching in Fall

27 Nov

As a Tree Landscape Services Frederick Md. company, we try to imagine ourselves in the shoes of homeowners looking to add value and grace to their properties. As a gardener, much enjoyment and relaxation come with growing your own plants and flowers. There is also hard work that goes into the position, especially at the change of the seasons from summer to fall/winter.

With the drop in temperature in the fall as well as shorter days, you need to ready the soil to be available for the best planting in the spring season. There are multiple ways to do this, but mulching appears to be one of the best methods.

Let’s take a look at how mulch can help you improve the health of your garden and vegetables.

Retain moisture

One of the best ways to keep your garden healthy through the year, and especially during the change of seasons is with mulching. By mulching around your landscaping and garden, you are laying insulation on the ground. This insulation acts to keep the land and roots warmer, but it also retains moisture that plants and trees need over the fall and winter months. With less rainfall in the winter, plants need water. Mulching allows the plant to receive needed moisture as it retains it in the mulch and slowly seeps into the ground for utilization.

Nutrition for the soil

Another excellent way mulch can assist your garden to stay healthy in the fall is by providing it with needed nourishment and sustenance. Mulch breaks down over time and releases food for the plant to survive. In addition to giving nutrients, the decomposition of leaves, grass, straw and other organic matter improves the soil structure and increases needed microorganisms in the soil that keep plant roots healthy.

Warmth with falling temperatures

Mulch also acts as a layer of insulation in the fall and winter around your shrubs and plants. It can get frigid in the Maryland area, and even plants can get distressed from the cold. By laying mulch, you are keeping the plant and its roots warm through the coldest of months. The plant will be healthy throughout the fall and winter and thrive when spring arrives.

Lack of weeds in the planting season

The last benefit of mulch in the fall in keeping your garden healthy is to reduce the number of weeds that sprout in the springtime. Once spring arrives and the soil starts to warm up from the milder temperatures and the bright sunshine, weeds proliferate quickly. Mulch acts as a barrier to keep weeds from sprouting. You will have fewer weeds to pull in the spring by mulching in the fall.

How can mulch assist me in keeping my garden healthy and happy?

Whether you garden for curb appeal, plant to grow and eat your own vegetables, or love grounding yourself in the soil of the Earth, gardening can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. It can be difficult though if you are caring for multiple plants with differing requirements.

One way to keep your plants healthy and happy, especially at season change, is to perform mulching. Mulching is helpful in a variety of respects from keeping the soil warm, proving moisture, giving nutrition, to reducing the number of weeds to deal with during the spring planting season. By incorporating the above suggestions to your repertoire as a gardener, you will have a healthy and bountiful garden all year long! We hope this little tidbit of Tree Landscape Services Frederick Md. insight helps you simplify your tree and landscaping needs throughout the seasons. Cheers.