Tips for Creating Privacy with Landscape

Tips for Creating Privacy with Landscape

04 Sep

Is there anything better than sitting outside watching the birds and squirrels, reading a book, and sipping a cup of coffee (October here we COME!!). Now that’s what I call peace and tranquility. The only thing is missing is a little privacy; RIGHT? As a Potomac Md. tree service company we try and give a few helpful ways to create more privacy from your neighbors without breaking the bank. 

Living right next to someone can be a little hard privacy wise… 

Here are a few things you can do with your landscape to help…

Cluster Planting/Farming

Cluster planting is when you plant 4 to 8 bushes in a group with trees in the background and smaller plants on the foreground.

Essentially it helps frame a view while providing privacy. This approach works well around the entire yard to fill in gaps where other trees are located, or additional landscaping has been placed.

Angle Planting

Another cool way to create privacy while keeping an open yard is to use angle planting. With angle planting, you set your landscaping at an angle to add visual appeal. This allows privacy with individually spaced flowers to grow in and fill the holes to help create a healthy balance of permanent privacy and lasting beauty.

Feature Framing

Feature framing is about creating focal points. Examples of this could be a water feature, a gazebo, a patio, or a pool. You then enhance the ambiance  by adding shrubs, trees, and bright flowers to create even more privacy. This makes your yard look more obscure than an enclosure such as a private fence. 

Location Is Vital

The placement of where you put the plants and trees is just as prominent as the flora you select. Privacy from others does not always have to be planks of wood or sheets of metal to view from within your backyard. You can opt to choose a layering type of feature with tall shrubs and bushes in the back, medium-sized flowers with shoots in the middle and low to the ground plants such as hostas in the front to give a beautifully landscaped look and keep prying eyes out.

How Can I Use My Landscaping To Provide Privacy In My Yard?

An open and manicured backyard is a beautiful view, especially if you are an outdoors person who sits in and relaxes in their yard often. Putting up a privacy fence can make your area seem enclosed and small. Instead, look at different ways to use flora as a means of privacy. This can be accomplished by using angle planting, cluster planting, and feature framing, as well as picking the perfect location for your selected foliage. By using your trees and shrubs as a privacy fence and wind block, you will have a very open and enjoyable yard with as much privacy as you desire. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tidbits from your favorite Potomac Md. tree service professionals. Have a great week