Summer Tree Tips 101

Summer Tree Tips 101

09 Jun


As a leading tree trimming service in Frederick Md., we try our best to provide tips on the preservation of your property because sometimes (especially in humid months), the range of temperatures can really disturb the ‘chi’ of your trees.

Maryland in the summer can be brutal on your trees. What a genius bold statement; RIGHT? (“Thank You!! Thank You!! You’re far too kind!!”)

Since trees are living organisms, they are affected by changes in temperature as much as you or I. Of course, humidity, shade, wind, and a variety of other factors play a part.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways the summer heat can affect your trees and what you can do counteract these issues.

Leaf Discoloration

If your Maryland tree starts developing discoloration on it’s leaves in the summer, this could be sign of a tree in distress. Of course; there are many reasons a tree could have discolored leaves. Reasons range from insects to a diseased tree, to a poor root system.

One of the main reasons a tree starts to have discoloration though is often due to excessive heat and not enough water.

Amazingly, a distressed tree will not show leaf discoloration until many years after the fact. If the tree is in imminent distress, the majority or even all of the leaves suddenly turn brown. As a last resort, a tree that has severe drought due to heat will shed its leaves during the summer as a way to adapt, conserve and regiment the amount of water it is getting.

Amazing creatures aren’t they? 


One of the major issues to worry about with excess heat and how it affects your trees is the onset of disease. Insects that attack a weak tree and cripple it usually cause disease. The reason the insects attack the tree though usually is due to drought. If you have not had a lot of rain, make sure you are watering your trees frequently. The reason the tree becomes weak in the first place is due to a lack of water. It then becomes a target for insects which can destroy it. Letting this go unnoticed will surely make it worse. If you do notice any type of symptoms, call an expert right away.

On very hot days and especially if you have a few hot days in a row in the Frederick Maryland area, be sure to water your trees in the evening to give them a much-needed drink. (Food for thought) Avoid watering in the hottest part of the day as the reflection of the hot sun will evaporate much of the water before it has a chance to absorb into the dry tree.

Loss Of Root System

One of the most common ways that trees can be affected by heat is damage to their root system. Amazingly the surface roots only represent 5% of  the overall root system of that particular tree. Roots near the surface can be exposed and it is these roots that will absorb moisture from a heavy rain or watering. When temperatures get into the high 90’s or past 100 degrees, topsoil roots cannot survive.

This kind of damage has a ripple and systemic effect on the tree; when the root structure of the tree is damaged, it can weaken the integrity of the entire tree. Heat can cause stunted growth of an immature tree. It may also cause an immature tree to experience a loss of leaves throughout coming years. Lastly, excessive heat of summer can make the tree more vulnerable to disease due to lack of water, which then causes attacks from multiple insects.

What Can I Do To Keep My Trees Healthy?

The first and foremost thing to remember is the key to keeping trees healthy is to be consistent in your approach. Trees (like all nature) have an amazing way of adapting.  So, pretty please (with a cherry on top) WATER YOUR TREES.

If excess heat is no the radar, set up a sprinkler to soak the ground near the base of the tree. This allows water to be taken up by the topsoil roots. Call it preventative maintenance.  This will prevent the deeper roots from becoming damaged from the hot day. If you can keep your tree moist in the excessive heat, you will not have to worry about disease, insects, or leaf discoloration occurring.

As a tree trimming service in Frederick Md. we are very adamant about providing simple, tried and true ways to keep the trees on your property looking and feeling as amazing on the inside as they do on the outside. Have a wonderful weekend.