How To Replant Your Christmas Tree

How To Replant Your Christmas Tree

02 Jan

Christmas trees are the best part of the holiday season. Nothing gives us more holiday cheer and smell quite like a real tree. However, once the holidays are over; what happens to your beloved tree? 

Any neighborhood in January is a sad site to see piles of dead and dying tree on the sidewalk. Surely, this can’t be the only way. It seems like a waste of what was a perfectly good tree! Heres a way to give your Christmas tree the same love it gave you. 

There is another way. From your Potomac Md. landscaping let’s look at how you could re-plant your Christmas tree and use it again next year.

Choose A Rooted Tree

If you choose a cut tree, it will not be possible to re-plant it. If you know in advance that you want to re-plant your living Christmas tree, the only real option is to purchase a tree that still has a large proportion of its roots intact. The root-ball, which consists of the roots and the soil it was grown in, is usually wrapped in packing material. 

Choose The Correct Variety

The different types of Christmas trees vary in their suitability to re-planting. You should select from pine, spruce or fir trees, which have proved to be good candidates for re-planting after Christmas. If you don’t have the luxury of these options, it is worth trying to re-plant whichever variety of tree you have as there is still a chance of successful re-planting.

Select A Healthy Specimen

You want to choose the best tree that you can with healthy foliage and a large root ball. The larger the root-ball the better, but make sure it is not frozen as the roots could be damaged. Trees with the roots still intact are generally more expensive to buy because they are more difficult to harvest. It is a worthwhile investment though as you can use the tree again and again in future years.

Allow Time For Transition

Your tree has been used to the conditions outside and will need to be acclimatized to the conditions inside your house. You will need to place the tree in an interim position that is cool and damp, such as your garage for a few days. Keep the root-ball covered with extra insulating material such as a blanket.

Correct Care While Its Indoors

While your tree is indoors, you’ll need to keep the root-ball in a large bucket, which you need to pack with more earth to help keep the tree upright. It is very important to keep the roots moist at all times and only plan to have the tree indoors for a week.


To acclimatize the tree to the outdoors once again, you need to reverse the process that you went through before bringing it indoors. Following this, you will need to dig a hole in your garden at least twice as large as the root ball. Place the tree inside the hole, ensuring it is upright. Fill up the hole and compress the soil once again. Mulch your tree for protection and give it a good watering.

Watch Your Tree Grow

If you follow these steps, it should not be difficult to re-plant your tree and watch it flourish. You will have your own tree ready for the next holidays or let it grow and become a feature in your garden for years to come. Hope this  Potomac Md. landscaping insight helps to give you some ideas rather than just throwing away your tree after the holidays.