To Prune Or Not: Is Winter Pruning Advisable?

To Prune Or Not: Is Winter Pruning Advisable?

26 Dec

Happy Holidays! Most of us (especially at our Frederick Md. tree trimming company) enjoy the beauty of trees and shrubs in our gardens. They form an important part of the landscape of our yards. We need our trees to be as healthy as possible and that means that we need to prune them to keep them looking their best.

A good pruning technique will increase the health and vitality of your trees and will heighten the aesthetics of your garden. You know that you need to prune correctly and at the right time. Is now that time? Should you prune in winter?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why pruning during winter is a great idea.


Most of nature goes to sleep for the winter. Animals hibernate and insects and pests are either completely dormant or at least not very active. This means that once you prune your trees, bugs will not be present to harm them or infest the cuts that you made. Diseases are also less likely to spread in the colder temperatures.

Woody plants themselves are also dormant so you will not stimulate unwanted new growth, which would then die off and ultimately damage the plant. This can happen if you prune in late summer or fall.

Easier Viewing

In the winter, there are no leaves on the trees. This means that it is very easy to see the structure of the tree and for you to envisage which form you would like it to take after the pruning. Sometimes you might miss branches that are diseased if the tree is covered in lush growth. This is not a problem in the winter.

Healthy All Round

Pruning in winter is good for your plants and trees. It means that they will have additional energy reserves and roots. Any cuts made will be healed quickly and come springtime the tree will have plenty of energy for vigorous growth.

Yes, winter pruning is good for your trees but it is also a great reason for you to get outside in the fresh air. It is all too easy to be stuck inside when the temperatures drop, so pruning is a good excuse for you to be out in your garden.

Go In With A Plan

Always have a plan in mind before you start to prune. Ask yourself why you want to remove each branch. You should be able to think about how you want the tree to look once you have finished. Never start hacking away randomly – you can’t put it back on once you have cut it off! Make sure you understand correct pruning techniques. It’s easy to damage a plant by cutting it in the wrong place. You could compromise the quantities of blooms or the fruit if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Yes To Pruning In Winter

As you have discovered, there are good reasons to prune in winter, for your health and for your trees! Just make sure you are confident in your plan and technique and you will be sure to reap the rewards of your hard work come springtime. Happy New Year from our Frederick Md. Tree trimming company to all of you!