Paradise Palm tree

Paradise Palm tree

03 Mar

Feel the warm tropical breeze blow through your head as you sit and have a look at this energetic Paradise palm tree. This beautiful tree has sufficient length to put forth a strong expression yet sufficiently compact to fit inside a little office or comfortable loft space. Twelve sprawling fronds broaden outward toward each path, each secured with a blend of rich fluffy pinnate styled clears out.


Kickback and think back of a warm day at the shoreline regardless of what the present climate with this stunningly normal Paradise palm. An entire 6 feet tall, this tree will make them wander off in fantasy land of the warm sand under your feet. An aggregate of fifteen fronds elegance this tropical magnificence, each enlivened with a wealth of thin fluffy takes off.


Three times the embellishing fun – that is the thing that you get with this particular Trio of tropical top picks. We have a delightful areca, a lavish banana Palm, and a lofty wellspring Palm, all prepared to make any region a bright shoreline! All accompany an alluring pot grower, and the best part is that they’ll never require water or care, so the fun never closes.

We have a wide variety of artificial trees and plants besides the above ones. Contact us for more.