One of Frederick Md’s Most Vulnerable Trees

One of Frederick Md’s Most Vulnerable Trees

13 Feb

Happy Snowy Tuesday lovely people. Before we talk about one of Frederick Md’s Most Vulnerable Trees

I woke up this morning to cheering coming from my 13 year old son’s room. The view from our window told the explained the cheering as Mother Nature was dishing out one last ‘hoorah’ of a winter’s morn before Spring rears her beautiful grace.

Okay, so a random question: Is it just me or has the wind in and around Frederick picked up considerably in the past few years?

So, this morning we got a call for a fallen White Pine Tree. That was the third call in as many months. We probably get 1o calls a year for a fallen pine tee in Frederick County or fallen pine tree in Montgomery County.

Some having landed on houses and cars (thank God no one was hurt).

Now maybe it is because we are a Tree service company; but there seems to be a pattern with one of Frederick Md’s most vulnerable trees.

Although wind is a byproduct of being surrounded by the Catoctin Mountains high winds wreak havoc on White Pine Trees.

So first and foremost, it’s important to mention that high wind by itself rarely causes a Pine to topple over.

So in a nutshell, it is rarely wind which causes these marvelous giants to topple over. Usually there are other mitigating factors and high wind is simply the “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

In this posting we will provide a little food for thought in terms of what to look for when it comes to White Pines and how to identify if they could be vulnerable to high winds or falling.

Have you ever seen a sprawling row of Conifers (Eastern White Pines) in the distance? They grace the rolling hills of Frederick, Darnestown, and Potomac. Md.  and few things are prettier. 

2 Tell Tale Signs Your White Pine Trees are Stressed
    1. Needle Browning

White Pine Trees are deciduous trees. Which mean they maintain their needles all year round. Healthy white pine needles are usually a rich vibrant green.  However if a Pine tree is stressed out or under attack by an infestation or a disease, the needles will begin to change color.

A lack of green needles will usually turn yellow (chlorosis) or even worse turn browning (necrosis). This will begin taking shape starting at the tips of the needles eventually working their way down to the main trunks.

2. Crown Decline and Thinning

Crown thinning and dieback occur at the very top of a tree’s canopy. As a Darnestown, Md. Tree service team, we are always looking at and observing trees.

Just like a barber can’t help but seeing flaws in a person’s haircuts while out and about.

Call it an occupational predisposition of sorts (Sorry, we can’t help it).

There are also various stressors to consider, like drought, nutrient deficiencies, root structure issues, pests, and or diseases. In severe cases, affected branches may become completely devoid of foliage and die off, leading to further deterioration of the tree’s health.

Here are a few questions to ask about your Eastern White Pine Tree…..

  1. Are there branches within the upper canopy of the tree starting to lose foliage? A gradual thinning?
  2. A stressed white pine will take on the appearance of being sparse and uneven.
  3. Can you identify any gaps or spaces where there is thinning?
  4. Are there any parts of signs of pests or bark beetles?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of these then we recommend you contacting a local arborist to schedule a time for them to stop by.

Any and all of these issues will weaken the Eastern White Pine Tree. Since Eastern White Pine Trees are one of Frederick Md’s most vulnerable trees, keep an eye on them. You can always call A1 Tree Pros to have them come out and check up on them.

Have a great week and hearty salute to Health & Hugs for Trees & Shrubs!!!!!