Why both a Landscaper and an Arborist are needed?

Why both a Landscaper and an Arborist are needed?

02 Mar

The work of landscapers and arborists both cannot be competed in any sense. Each role needs a different skillset, experience and equipment. Summing this work together seems to be quicker and easier when in reality it’s anything but. Giving a job to someone that is not capable enough nor trained or equipped to handle tree work then the end result will definitely be property damage and risk for safety concerns.

The Best Person for the Job

Whether you’re dealing with contractors or sub-contractors, these persons should have proper insurance and accreditation.

The skills and expertise should match the scope of the work needed. When the task in a landscape incorporates trees, that task should include an arborist. Arborists are specialists in keeping tree health and can properly assess the situation of trees to help ensure longevity at an economical cost.

Expert and skilled arborist will identify hazardous tree conditions, be trained to manage a task site more safely and adhere to maintained industry standards. That means crews on your property have expertise in handling chippers and chainsaws, climbers safely access tree canopies and technicians properly mark out pest issues. Just think of the potential consequences of this risky task being undertaken by unprofessional and under skilled individuals!

Too often, tree care is relegated to the last line item in a landscape maintenance budget. This simply does not make sense since trees are the most visible and valuable assets in a landscape. When an arborist is involved, property managers have a better understanding of what their trees need. This leads to better decision making and improved budget management.