Edging Problems

Edging Problems

24 Jun

How to Overcome Edging Challenges 

Mulching and edging is a gift and the curse. Why? Because keeping bed lines clean and crisp is easier said than done. Here are a few common problems you might run into…

So whats the good news? There is always a solution.

Edging Mishaps

Our Frederick Md Tree Service company gets calls on the daily from new home owners with questions on how to fix issues a previous owner left behind.  

If edging is installed incorrectly due to lack of experience it can some issues create issues. In these cases it might be best to leave to professionals. 

Poor Quality

Permanent edging is an option when natural edging doesn’t hold because   there is a lack of root system under the grass. When this is the case permanent edging is a good temporary solution.  Please keep in mind permanent edging should only be implemented as a substitution while fixing the improving the nutrients in the affected areas. 

Forming a bed line with a power edger or hand spade (we prefer the old fashioned way) can cause problems. A bed line is maintained from the grass root system to keep the soil formed. If your grass has little or no root system, there is nothing to hold the land in place to maintain or keep the bed line crisp. This occurs in grass with insufficient nutrients. A root system or lack thereof causes edging to fall apart, crumble away, and erode from rain.

You can fix this issue though by purchasing permanent plastic or steel edging. But, keep in mind, its important to do it immediately after you’ve edged.

Dealing With Steep Grades

Another common challenge you can experience is a steep grade. Steep grades need more maintenance because water runoff on a steep grade travels faster down the slopes at a more accelerated than level ground. Washing away by water will cause erosion and can even out your edges.

If this happens simply perform regular maintenance. Note you’ll need a more level grade to keep the lines well defined and crisp. You might also need to retrace the mechanical edging a few times throughout the season to keep the edging intact.

A Little Practice Goes a Long Way

The main reason our Frederick Md tree service provides mulching and edging services is to save our clients time. Time is precious and sometimes it pays to bring a team to help get it done right and get it the heck off your plate. However, mulching and edging is not hard. It just takes a little practice and can be done in a day or two (depending on size). There are a ton of ‘how to’ videos explaining it.

If you find yourself in a pickle and need it done fast and done right, give us a shout. Have a fantastic Sunday!!!