5 Easy Steps to Edge Your Garden Like a Pro

5 Easy Steps to Edge Your Garden Like a Pro

18 Jul

Do you have a garden that is unsightly and needs some help to spruce it up? Or are you planning on putting in a garden and want to do it the correct way? If so, then you need to learn how to place professional looking edging. A1 Tree Pros is a tree service near me team who specializes in mulching. 

Its not just about trees. We edge too! Edging is what makes the drastic change from your flowerbed to your yard. You want to make sure this is a crisp and clean line for the most dramatic effect. It not only looks beautiful, but it also keeps your soil in place, which holds the roots of the flowers intact and allows them to thrive.

Keep reading to learn how you can edge your flowerbed or garden like a pro and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

Create Your Lines

This is probably the most critical part of creating a professional looking edge to your flowerbed or garden. First, you need to lay out some twine or even a garden house to get the shape and design of the flowerbed. Take a half-moon edger or shovel if you do not have an edger, and cut into the soil along the line you created. If you are touching up a current flowerbed, do the same to give a fresh, new edge. The cut will make the garden look defined and is a drastic, eye-catching look.

Remove Excess Soil

If you have too much clay or extra chunks of dirt, your edging will not reflect well. It will not have the sharp lines you are looking for. Make sure to dispose of the turf appropriately, because if not, wherever you place the still alive grass, it will try to grow. Since the roots are still active, you need to make sure you put the removed dirt somewhere there is no soil so they cannot start a new root system.

Create A Trench

This is vital when trying to have professional looking edging. You need to make a channel for water to drain after thunderstorms or after a proper watering. If you use a garden trowel, you can create an excellent looking and functioning trench for your garden. After you have formed your lines by cutting out the soil, mound the dirt up towards your flowerbed. This allows the channel to be thick and act as a place for the dirt to fall during rain, etc. It offers a clean, stunning look.

Maximize A Sharp Edge

Another crucial point in getting your landscaping edging to look professional is to maximize the sharp edge you just created. How do you go about doing that? It is quite simple really. Trim your lawn and grass edge both horizontally and vertically. This will give you a blade-like edge in all directions and really make the edge pop. Make sure to clean up the grass clippings to make the edging look clean and crisp, without viewing a mess. 

Water The Soil & Frequent Maintenance Of The Edging

Lastly, you will want to water the ground you just cut up and edged. By doing so, you are giving the flowers and shrubs a sweet drink of water as well as puffing up the newly dug soil for great looking pictures.  The key to keeping great edging though is to maintain it often. Proper maintenance will keep your yard and edge looking great all summer long.

Why Is Edging So Crucial In A Yard?

Edging is especially imperative to keep the soil intact when there is rainwater that attempts to wash away your mulch, flowers, and land after a severe or heavy thunderstorm. The reason this works so well is due to creating a sharp line, removing any excess soil, and then creating a trench for the water to flow. The water can escape without taking its toll on the surrounding land. By keeping the edge crisp by mowing both vertically and horizontally, as well as frequent watering and proper maintenance, you will have the best looking and most professional garden edge in the entire city!

Searching for a  tree service near me to save time (shameless plug!)?  Our team can provide insight over the phone or even in person to give your mulching the edging it deserves. Have a great day.