Deep Root Injections Nutrient List

A1 Tree Pro’s Bio Feed is the lead conductor in our philosophy “Health & Hugs to Trees & Shrubs.”

Our Proprietary Bio Feed (Root Injection) nutrients are specifically designed for trees & shrubs indigenous to Maryland. The combination of these nutrients work to create a delicate balance of the overall health, growth, and productivity of our trees.


  • Nitrogen (N): The QUINTESSENTIAL role in leaf and stem growth. It is a key component of chlorophyll, which is also a huge part of photosynthesis.
  • Phosphorus (P): This is important aspect of root development. Whether its flowering, and fruiting, Phosphorus is a leading performer in the energy transfer process throughout the plant.
  • Potassium (K): Vital for overall plant immunity, potassium regulates various physiological processes, increasing resistance to stress, while optimizing water absorption and uptake
  • Calcium (Ca): A must have for cell wall structure and stability (durability), calcium plays a role in preventing disorders such as blossom end rot.
  • Magnesium (Mg): A first cousin to chlorophyll, magnesium is  for photosynthesis and overall energy transfer within the plant.
  • Sulfur (S): Sulfur is absolutely fundamental for amino acid and protein synthesis. It is also a key contributor to how certain vitamins and enzymes form.


  • Iron (Fe): A fundamental factor in producing chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthesis. Iron deficiency leads to yellowing of leaves (affectionately referred to as chlorosis).
  • Manganese (Mn): Another valuable member of the photosynthesis, enzyme activation family. This helps stabilize nitrogen metabolism. FYI: Manganese deficiency is related to leaf mottling.
  • Zinc (Zn): Necessary to stimulate enzyme activation and the synthesis of growth hormones. Zinc plays a leading role for overall plant development.
  • Copper (Cu): Another pivotal role player in enzyme activation which ultimately helps in the utilization of iron. Copper deficiencies can lead to stunted growth.
  • Boron (B): Fundamental for cell division and carbohydrate transport. Boron is a key factor to the development of new tissue.
  • Molybdenum (Mo): Required for nitrogen metabolism and enzyme activity. Molybdenum deficiency can impact nitrogen utilization.
  • Chlorine (Cl): Part of osmotic regulation. Chlorine plays a role in maintaining plant turgor pressure.

Tree injection fertilizers are designed to provide these elements in appropriate proportions based on the specific needs of the tree species and local conditions (climate).


“Health & Hugs for Trees and Shrubs”

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