4 Beautiful Plants for your Summer Garden

4 Beautiful Plants for your Summer Garden

14 Aug

The colors from plants and flowers in your backyard attract bees, butterflies, and admiring eyes a like and while plants and flowers love basking in the sunshine and retaining moisture to stay vibrant as they grow; the age old question still remains; which flowers and plants are best to place in your flowerbed or summer garden?  

Here are a few tips to determine which flowers are the best to plant in your summer garden. Its not always about tree services in Frederick Md


Salvias are a hearty plant that produce beautiful blooms. They are a “must-have” perennial in any summer garden. They are easy to care for and maintain. The coolest benefit of salvias is that they attract butterflies, bees, and birds to your garden. This plays a huge part in pollinating your plants. Planting these flowers is easy too. Simply mix fertilizer into your topsoil and add water to get them started.

These flowers are also drought resistant, which means you won’t have to water have to water them on a daily basis. They are designed to rely on rainwater.

The best part is they can go days without moisture and still look amazing. Give them an inch of water every ten days and let mother nature work her miracles. 


Another perennial that is an excellent match for your summer garden is the sedum. Sedums are a great plant in to fill in the open space in your landscape. They grow outward to make bare spots look more full. They are lovely and add beautiful vibrance, color, and creativity to your landscaping. Sedums need to be planted in dry soil and will only need to be watered once a week! They also transition well for the fall.  Their autumn colors are red and purple, matching the autumn leaves.


Coneflowers are perennials. They always come back the following season. They make for an excellent choice because they do not require much maintenance. This makes them perfect when you are traveling on summer vacation, as they do not need to be watered. They rely on rainfall, which makes them drought resistant.

They come in a variety of beautiful colors. The cool thing about coneflowers is they do not need nutrient-rich soil to survive. They even bloom in depleted soil. Important note; these flowers require a minimum of six hours of sunlight a day to grow and flourish, so plant them in an area which promotes optimal sunlight for growth.


Zinnias are an annual, not a perennial. What’s the difference? Annuals only last one season while perennials last up to three seasons. Zinnias, although they will be lost in the fall, are an excellent choice for a summer garden. They are incredibly hardy and known for their bright blooms and multiple colors. These flowers are easy to grow and can get up to three to four feet in height. They look great in the back of a garden with shorter plants in the forefront. The blooms of zinnias take around four weeks, and they can withstand a lot of intense heat in the summer. 

How Do I Choose The Right Plants For My Garden?

When it comes to plants there are many options to make a summer garden look bright and beautiful. It depends on the type of flowers you are looking for. Will you be away from home for much of the summer? If so, then go with a flower that is water resistant such as Salvias and Coneflowers.

Also, keep in mind to determine how much sunlight is needed for each specie of flower and plant them according to how much sun they’ll need.

We hope this food for thought gives you the confidence to select the proper plants to bloom gorgeously within your summer garden.