3 Signs Your Tree is in Trouble

3 Signs Your Tree is in Trouble

24 Jun


3 Telltale Signs Your Tree is Dying and What You Should Do

It goes without saying-trees are magnificent creatures. And when it comes to tree trimming service in Hagerstown, Md. we always encourage you to  keep a lose eye on the ones on your property.

Unlike humans, when something happens to them, they don’t show immediate signs of being hurt. What happens when you get cut or fall?  We bleed, we bruise, we show signs of being wounded outwardly; RIGHT?

Not so with trees. They’re so amazingly strong they shows physical signs of being hurt inwardly. In other words, they hurt physically on the inside first and the outside last.

Trees won’t show signs of hurting for many years later. Lets say a root gets hurt today, we (as licensed tree experts) wouldn’t be able to know and identify it for you until 5 or 10 years from now.

Crazy Right?

This is why annual or bi annual maintenance is a vital part to keeping healthy trees.

They can be a danger to buildings, power lines, animals, and pedestrians.

Here’s a few tell-tale signs your tree is unhealthy and/or dying and what you can do to help prevent or identify it

Root damage

A tree needs a healthy root system to live and thrive. Trees get their nourishment, oxygen, and water from the base of their root system. If the roots are damaged or diseased in any way, this will affect the entire tree. It won’t be able to soak up water or get sustenance and nutrients from the ground. Make sure to look at and evaluate your trees on a regular basis. Are they starting to lean? A little leaning is natural especially when leaning towards the direction of the sun. However, if you notice its leaning abnormally this can be a significant threat to the root system of the tree. If roots are not stable or robust, a massive gust of wind can topple the tree over.

No leaves

Another sign your tree may be in distress or dying is if it has bare branches during the summer. Trees bud in the spring and have full leaves and foliage throughout the season. If you see your tree has little or no leaves, call a tree trimming service in Hagerstown, Md. A tree that has become diseased will sometimes have a portion or one side without leaves.

If this is the case, the tree is in trouble. It can still survive if appropriate steps are taken. If you notice missing leaves, call your local arborist to assess and evaluate your tree for disease. 

Lack of bark

The last telltale is if you notice damage to the trunk or a scarcity of bark on the base. Cracks in the trunk, or a lack of bark is wanting sign. Bark does age and fall off from time to time, but should grow back to protect the base. If the bark is gone and never grows back, your tree could be in serious trouble.

What can I do to keep my trees healthy and happy?

Trees don’t require much to be happy. As they have sunshine, water, and nourishment, they are usually content. However, they do require thinning for the sake of health and vitality and the occasional check-up. Be sure to water them frequently, inspect them regularly for any signs of leaning, disease, insect infestations, and lack of leaves or bark.

The most important part to remember is to keep an occasional eye on your trees. If you notice anything out of the ordinary,  call us and let us provide insight with a free estimate. Enjoy the sunshine! Cheers!!!!